Kat Fitness
Personal Female Trainer & Training Instructor
Kensington, Chelsea, Hyde Park & Putney
Mobile: 0789 185 3070


      Kat designed and delivered a 12 week personal fitness programme for me. Her assessment of my physical condition and capabilities was extremely thorough, and the dietary and exercise regime she planned for me was very realistic, achievable and effective. Kat`s enthusiasm and expertise made my entire "get fit" experience both fun and rewarding. I would recommend Kat very highly!"

      Paul Chuter, managing director, Lindum Associates

      I was just about to celebrate a big birthday and my exercise routine had drifted into a weekly cross trainer session with a friend-more talking than walking! I needed a boost and thankfully along came Kat and she made all the difference. With her very positive influence and fun but professional approach, I have been able to move out of my rut and am now enjoying an exercise routine designed exactly for me. Without her motivating influence I`d certainly never have been able to start enjoying running! She makes each session unique, and combines a mix of hard work with fun. The results definitely show as I am feeling much more confident about myself, and feel toned and fitter. I would highly recommend Kat.


      I like to take this opportunity, to say thank you Kat for working and helping me with agility movement. Training under your guidance, and supervision, has massively made a difference to my basketball game. So thanks again.

      Ken Oputa "Westminster warriors"

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