Personal Trainer Kingston

Professional Personal Trainer in Kingston

Kat Fitness provides bespoke fitness services to clients of all age groups in locations in and around Kingston. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, we have established an enviable reputation as the go-to personal trainer Kingston. Our fitness programmes are highly personalised and directed at improving client’s fitness levels as well as their core-strength and general well-being.

We provide high quality fitness solutions specifically tailored to individual requirements. These include one-on-one sessions, pair training programmes, small group sessions and online workouts. Perhaps you are preparing for a challenging event or you have been out of action for some time as a result of illness, we can design fitness programmes to target specific muscle groups or build-up stamina for your special event. If you’ve been let down in the past by other personal trainers, rest assured you’re in good hands with Kat Fitness.

One-on-One Sessions with Personal Trainer Kingston

Our one-on-one sessions begin with an in-depth consultation with the client. We follow this up with a thorough physical assessment and then work closely with the client to develop a personal training programme designed to achieve your specific fitness goals and objectives. These can take place with the fitness trainer in any location around Kingston, including a gym, the local park or within the comfort of your own home. We make the sessions as motivational and as enjoyable as possible.

Pair Training Programmes

It’s a lot easier to work-out with a partner or a friend than to exercise solo. Working out in pairs helps to motivate each other and adhere to training schedules. These make these programmes ideal for couples or best friends. We offer a wide range of partner exercises such as partner push-ups, weighted ball passes and other forms of partner routines which introduces more variety to fitness training and makes it more fun.

Small Group Sessions with a Personal Trainer in Kingston

This is a great way to improve general fitness levels while socialising and getting to know other members of the group better. We also offer equipment-based, small group training if members of a group prefer training on specific equipment such as kettle bells. Where a small group is looking for a specific physical outcome such as weight loss, we can create personalised training programme which includes advice on appropriate diet as well as exercises designed to achieve lean muscle mass.

Online Workouts via Video-Sharing Applications

Video-sharing applications enable our clients get efficient and well-planned workouts. We can create suitable fitness routines via workout apps which helps keep track of clients’ routines and enable the fitness trainer monitor their progress in real-time.

Kat Fitness training programmes are much more than just physical transformations, we also meet the needs of clients who simply wish to adopt a healthy daily diet and improve their overall health. You can trust the experience and the expertise of Kat Fitness to help you attain the fitness level you wish to attain. Call Kat on 07891 853 070 or email any enquiries to

personal trainer Kingston

Whether your goal is targeted towards weight reduction or fat loss, improve body toning and strength, functional training or to increase overall fitness and energy level, get in touch with Kat on 07891 853 070. Alternatively, fill in your details below with any enquiries.