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Kat is an amazing trainer, we have used her for over 10 years. The sessions are always varied and interesting and tailored to our individual needs. Not only is Kat a tough task master but she is also great fun to work out with.
John & Debra Egan

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What would I do without Kat?!
When I first met her many years ago,I have never trained with weights,I couldn’t do a push-up and a thought of performing a burpee or a squat filled me with terror. Today, after years of Kat setting me very specific goals and motivating me to achieve them, I have never felt stronger. Training with Kat is a continuous lifestyle journey. I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, so Kat built my legs up with the power to do so. I needed help in recovering from major surgery, so Kat rebuilt my stomach muscles and had the patience to slowly retrain me back to fitness. I simply had to get back into my bikini this summer, so Kat destroyed my abs week after week, so I had the confidence to do so. I love our sessions together and look forward to them immensely. Kat is so focused on achieving the goals she sets out, in such a varied and challenging way, yet always with so much fun and laughter.
Kealy Prager

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Kat exceeded my expectations, I’m incredibly fortunate to have her as my trainer. Her approach is highly customized and geared toward body wellness-training and nutrition. I’m stronger, more cut, symmetrical, and getting more compliments than ever before. Our workouts are diverse and very challenging which is what I prefer. She’s that rare superlative trainer with so much positive energy.

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Kat has been an unbelievable help and motivator to me and my husband over the last few years. She has got us to enjoy working out again and get results!Her sessions are always fun and we really look forward to them every week. Our sessions are varied and always involve something new. She is very knowledgeable as a personal trainer and also helping with nutrition advice. Everyone needs Kat in their life and we look forward to many more years of fun training sessions. Thank you Kat.
Fran & Harry

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I wish I trained with Kat!

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