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I started my fitness training and coaching career more than 15 years ago.
I’ve built up a reputation working closely with the Firmdale Hotels group, providing their high-profile business clientele and celebrities with my training sessions and workout programs.
In addition to training at the Soho hotel, I also enjoy working out with my clients at their residences, gardens, living rooms or local parks.

Fully certified (qualified)
personal trainer


  • Weight/fat loss
  • Body tone and strength
  • Functional training
  • Increasing overall fitness and energy levels
  • Healthy balanced diet
  • Complete wellness


I have a genuine desire to help my clients to lead fitter, healthier and happier lives.
I go through a journey with them, helping them to achieve their goals by giving them guidance, encouragement and motivation.
I have learnt that knowledge and experience are the key to success, and I deliver both. I am determined to transform my clients’ physique and health, and to take their fitness to a level they never thought was even possible.
I also believe in a healthy, balanced diet, and in the benefits and positive impact that certain foods have on our bodies and wellbeing.