Get the most out of your personal training sessions with 100% focus on you.


Split the cost and enjoy training with your partner or a friend.


Personal training sessions with others are always fun. Suitable for those with similar goals and fitness levels.


Workouts via skype or WhatsApp video call anywhere in the world. Contact Kat, schedule a personal training session and have a fully charged device.


Purchasing personal training sessions is a great gift idea for anyone, especially for friends or loved ones.
Please contact Kat for more information on 07891 853 070.

A full assessment, body analysis, nutritional advice and all the equipment are provided free of charge, as part of the overall personal training plan.

How many training sessions should a personal trainer have?

Your fitness level will be assessed in the beginning as well as checking for any muscle-related tensions. A structured, tailor-made program will be created based around your needs with achievable fitness goals set. If you are new to fitness training and exercising, it is recommended to initially meet 2-3 times a week in order to develop the proper form and avoid picking up any unwanted injuries in the long run.

How long is a personal training session?

A person training session does greatly depend on your own fitness goals. Call Kat on 07891 853 070 to find out more about how long the average personal training sessions are for.  Roughly speaking, each one could last for an hour or so although you should get in touch if you have any specific time limits or requirements.

What should I expect at my first personal training session?

If you are looking to work with Kat for the first time, fear not as I will aim to make you as comfortable as possible with full support to guide you on the way to your personal fitness journey. Our first session is designed to learn more about you as well as your own individual needs. Typically, there will be some paperwork to fill in, a quick tour, a discussion on your past health and future fitness requirements as well as a short workout and fitness assessment.

Are personal training sessions worth it?

Yes, if your training goal is quite specific or you are looking to improve quickly, it is definitely recommended to use a personal fitness trainer. This will help keep you on the right tracks with further motivation to help you push yourself. Learning the correct form is important for your safety and a personal trainer will be able to tell whether adjustments to posture, position or movement ranges are needed. In addition, you will benefit from Kat’s many  years of gaining invaluable knowledge and experience within the fitness industry and full monitoring or your plan, based on your progress being made.

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