Personal Trainer South Kensington

Introducing the Best Personal Trainer in South Kensington

We look forward to welcoming you to a truly personal experience when it comes to Kensington personal training.

Kat Fitness can offer you an experienced personal training service that really works. Whether you are actively looking to lose weight, gain some core strength, or just want to tone-up and become generally more healthy, we can tailor a plan that suits you.

It’s All About You

I recognise there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to personal training plans. I will listen to you and make sure that your plan is targeted to achieve your specific goals. With over 15 years experience in this industry, I have helped many people to do just this – and can help you too. I will take a look at your current fitness routine and diet, adapting it to transform your life for the better.

Flexibility With You In Mind

Everyone leads busy lives and this is recognised that at Kat Fitness. I aim to be as flexible as possible for you. Whether that means coming to your home for a workout, or arranging a fitness session in an open space, such as a park, then I will adapt to your requirements. I can also tailor what kind of session you are looking for from personal trainers in South Kensington. Some clients want a completely personal touch, with one-on-one sessions and others like to train with a partner or as part of a small group. I am also able to set up live online training sessions with you or your group. It’s totally up to you.

We’ll Be There For You

If you have any queries or problems in between sessions, then Kat Fitness will be there to support you. There’s no such thing as a silly question, and we will do our utmost to help you.

Get in touch

Personal Trainer South Kensington

If you feel ready to take action and work your way to a fitter and healthier you, then Kat Fitness personal trainer in South Kensington would love to receive your call. Our personal trainers take pride in what we do and want to help you realise your fitness ambitions, and will stop at nothing to achieve them. Call Kat on 07891 853 070 or email any enquiries to

Personal Trainer South Kensington

Please contact Kat if you are looking for an experienced, reliable personal trainer in South Kensington. Call 07891 853 070 or email any enquiries to

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